Picture with Edita, a fenomenal human rights activist fighting for womens' rights in the slums of Nairobi. Kenya 2020.

Hi! I am a Spanish/British documentary photographer & filmmaker based in London with over 7 years of experience directing short documentary films for various NGOs and charities. I also regularly work with creative agencies producing, filming and editing public communication campaigns. I am primarily interested in documenting everyday people and personal stories that speak to macro issues. I am drawn to social issues and human rights and I particularly enjoy working on projects which have a positive social impact. I understand my work as an intersection of activism, art and storytelling.
I have worked on projects ranging from the lives of Muslim transexuals living in Jakarta, Indonesia to those affected by the austerity in rural Spain during the financial crisis. Amongst my personal projects I have spent time living in the dormitories of migrant Indian workers in Singapore and de-cluttering hoarders' houses in London. I travelled to Rio de Janeiro to document the lives of people affected by the favela's pacification before the Olympic Games and to Nairobi’s informal settlements to document the movement of young women fighting against domestic violence.
Since graduating from the Masters in Documentary Photography and Photojournalism from LCC in 2016, my work has been screened at locations including the COP26 People's Summit, the Tate Modern, the Institute of Contemporary Art (London), the Canadian Embassy (Honduras), the UK Supreme Court and the University of Sussex. I have exhibited in solo and collective shows as well as photography festivals around the world and I have also been awarded at several international film festival such as Long Beach International Film Festival (US), Oregon International Film Festival (US), Film for Peace (Canada) and Margate Film Festival (UK).  I have also  been shortlisted by Travel Photographer of the Year, AOP Open Awards, and National Geographic Photo Contest.
My work has been funded by The Open Society Foundation, The Arts Council, The Mayor of London, Allan & Nesta Ferguson Trust, the Canadian Embassy, Civil Peace Service - Ziviler Friedensdienst, protectdefenders.eu and University College London Hospitals Charity.
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