Picture with Edita, a fenomenal human rights activist fighting for womens' rights in the slums of Nairobi. Kenya 2020.

Hi! My name is Manu Valcarce and I'm a Spanish documentary photographer & Filmmaker based in London. My interests are in everyday people and their stories and I'm particularly drawn to social issues and human rights.  
In my personal projects, I work by immersing myself in the lives of the people I document, living and working with them in an attempt to gain a better understanding of their situations. I have worked on projects ranging from the lives of Muslim transexuals living in Jakarta, Indonesia to those affected by the favela's pacification before the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro. I have spent time living in the dormitories of migrant Indian workers in Singapore and de-cluttering hoarders' houses in London.
I have recently directed a documentary film for the NHS about people living with HIV in London and I'm currently filming a documentary for Peace Brigades International about the lives of human rights defenders in Latin America. My work has been funded by Open Society Foundation, Allan & Nesta Ferguson trust, Bloomsbury Network (NHS), the Canadian Embassy, Civil Peace Service, Peace Brigades International, protectdefenders.eu and University College London Hospitals Charity. 
I graduated in MA in Documentary Photography and Photojournalism in LCC in January 2016. Since then my work has been screened in the Tate Modern and the Institute of Contemporary Art, London and exhibited in solo and collective shows as well as photography festivals. I have been shortlisted by Travel Photographer of the Year, AOP Open Awards, and National Geographic Photo Contest.
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