This documentary comes from a desire to look at something controversial and well documented in this country, sex work, and to attempt to represent another side, to give a voice to those whose jobs are at stake but who have no stake in the decision processes occurring presently within the government. Laws are being made, raids are being carried out and the people it affects most are never heard.
A group of Sex Workers based in London came together with a common purpose, to write and perform an Opera. It is their stories, their songs, their bodies on show. This platform is important not only for them but for anyone who thinks sex work is not just black and white. It is a social issue that demands representation from all sides. ‘Nothing about us without us’ as their slogan goes.
Through this documentary, we follow three women who took part in The Sex Workers’ Opera in January 2015 at the Arcola Theatre, London. Where they’ve come from, their experiences and their views on a way of life too often demonized by the media and slandered by people who have no experience of what it actually means to work in this industry.
It is not about sex. It is about ownership of the body and how far a state can go in telling someone what they can and can’t do of their own free will.
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